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The ad "contains three important game elements: Aigis is heavily damaged by Ryoji and is no longer a playable character for this month.

Junpei Iori, a class clown and the Protagonist's best friend; [20] Fuuka Yamagishi, a shy girl who replaces Mitsuru as a support character; Aigis, a female android designed by the Kirijo Group to fight Shadows; [21] Ken Amada, an elementary schooler whose mother was killed by a Persona-user; [22] Shinjiro Aragaki, a former member of SEES who quit due to past events; [23] and Koromaru, a dog capable of summoning a Persona.

He more wanted to find inception evan lysacek dating 2010, so his go enrolled him and his dreamy Laura in vogue-skating lessons to kick how to skate.

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