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"If animals did reach these islands by chance, by entering the sea and following the currents south, then you would expect the further south you go the fewer species you would find – and that's what we see." While it's possible, if unlikely, that the first human colonisers of the Philippines were able to construct simple rafts, Dr.van den Bergh believes they more likely arrived by accident.

Along with an almost complete rhinoceros skeleton, showing clear signs of having been butchered, the team unearthed 57 stone tools.Australian's HOTTEST Gay Phone Chat, Contacts, Gay Meet & Hook-Up Line.Gay Phone au | Guys4au | Cheap au | Gay Phone Chat | Gay Dating | Hot Chat | Meeting or Hooking-Up with other guys 24/7 | Hot Gay Phone Chat action | Hot gay phone Contacts | Meet Gay/Bi guys | gay phone sex | gay phonesex | free gay phone sex | gay phone chat | gay contacts | gay contact | gay hookups | gay meet | gay phone talk | gay phone dating | gay phonechat | gay hook ups | free gay phonesex | gay phonetalk | gay phone contacts | gay phone hookups | gay phone hook ups | australian gay phone sex | australian gay phonesex | aussie gay phone sex | aussie gay phonesex | australian gayphone contacts | aussie gay phone contacts | australian gay phone | aussie gay phone | Twink | Muscle | Super Hot | Bi Guy | Leather Master | Leather Slave | Loves Sex Toys | Uniforms | Trans Sexual | Super Kinky!Other fossils found at the site included stegodon (a relative of the elephant), Philippine brown deer, freshwater turtle and monitor lizard remains.The fossils and stone tools were found in a clay bed dated to between 777,000 and 631,000 years ago.

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