Who is singer estelle dating

British soul singer Estelle knows a thing about two about dating.

Her latest EP, “Love & Happiness Series Waiting To Exhale” is a diary filled with first date experiences.

How many people have dreamt of finding true romance, falling in love with ‘the one’?

Garrett in The Facts of Life, she performed in hundreds of TV shows since 1954 and over a dozen movies, very active on Broadway in the '50s, friend of Sheldon Harnick since college, survived pancreatic cancer. “Once you finally figure out what it is, you can do something about it.” Nowadays, Estelle is ready for the last theme that completes the album.When speaking about “All That Matters,” a track Estelle refers to as “a wedding song,” she says, “When everything is done, and everything is over, when you get past the superficial and the honeymoon, that’s when it becomes real love.Another passionate track is the soulful-sounding “Silly Girls,” produced by the Justice League.Estelle slows down the pace here to give listeners a real sense of her vulnerability as a woman.

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