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However, Kimberly told heart online the power couple "looked so in love" when asked if Cheryl and Liam have been under pressure to keep up appearances.

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We’d never met before but we just clicked and everything’s going great," she's quoted as saying in 2003.Although I quickly realised I was in the doghouse even before we were husband and wife when her first words to me at the altar were, "Why didn't you turn round?"'However, the idyllic trip did come at a personal price - all guests were banned from taking any pictures of the three-day celebrations as the couple have cut a reported six-figure deal with a magazine.judge has been spotted out and about with Adam Walsh, who is a brother of her best friend and bandmate Kimberley Walsh.It's believed that Chezza used to date Adam when Girls Aloud started out but the pair grew apart as he had been living in Yorkshire.

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