Who is calvin from house of payne dating

Meanwhile, palpable tension heats up between Angel and Calvin, and an HIV-positive woman volunteers at the help center. Brown (David Mann), a Payne houseguest in the wake of his home fire.Season 1, Episode 23August 22, 2007When Jazmine absconds with the class hamster, the school's attractive assistant principal (Robinne Lee) pays a visit to the Payne home to investigate. A neighbor moves in with the Paynes after a fire renders his home uninhabitable, but the man soon emerges as an annoying houseguest. Meanwhile, Malik gets a tattoo and comes to regret that decision. Brown (David Mann) decides to transform his late father's house into a senior center.In this sitcom, a cranky Atlanta firefighter has to contend with disruption in his life when some of his extended family moves in to his house.If it weren't for his wife, the guy's whole life might fall apart.

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Meanwhile, CJ and Nicole's relationship is severely tested.

Meanwhile, Malik raises concerns when he keeps company with the wrong crowd.

Season 1, Episode 21August 15, 2007Everyone tries to push newly divorced CJ into the dating pool.

Meanwhile, Calvin and Miranda realize it's the day of their anniversary, and they both pretend they didn't forget. Meanwhile, while packing the house Curtis finds a bag of weed in an old box of his and Floyd smokes the weed.

Calvin asks Curtis to babysit and Curtis ends up baby sitting Christian and Floyd.

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