Western dating traditons

In eastern cultures, marriage is the start of something new, the beginning of a journey, a new chapter of life.Since it occurs at a younger age with less time spent together, their attitude towards marriage is a new experience you share with a new person.There’s a stigma in eastern culture when it comes to actual dating. That is why they’re immediately engaged in order to stop being judged. Being engaged to someone after seeing them once or twice is ridiculous.An average western person spends 2 years of time dating someone before proposing.Eastern culture believes in showing love and gratitude through actions, whereas western culture believes in being vocal about it.

The differences between the cultures are obvious and numerous.

In eastern culture, parents are more involved in their child’s decision of marriage and their opinion can have an influence on their choice, whereas as in western culture, parents believe that their children are capable of making their own decisions.

From this, we can deduce that eastern cultures are more collectivist and family oriented.

In countries such as India, parents get to make decisions on marriage and engagement like setting the date.

Here, what’s taken into consideration is how soon everything can take place.

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