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The game was called Leela and reflected the Hinduism consciousness surrounding everyday life Moksha Patam was associated with traditional Hindu philosophy contrasting karma and kama, or destiny and desire.

A Jain version, Gyanbazi, dates to the 16th century.

My clientele have always enjoyed the benefits of an exclusive grooming service in a uniquely traditional barbershop where I offer you the highest standard of personal grooming tailored to your exact requirements and it is always my intention to make your visit a unique and enjoyable experience. Please keep to your appointment time as doing so ensures the system runs smoothly.

Two hours notice must be given for cancellations, if an alternative time cannot be arranged that day, then full costs are payable before another time is arranged.

In the original game the squares of virtue are Faith (12), Reliability (51), Generosity (57), Knowledge (76), and Asceticism (78).

The squares of vice or evil are Disobedience (41), Vanity (44), Vulgarity (49), Theft (52), Lying (58), Drunkenness (62), Debt (69), Rage (84), Greed (92), Pride (95), Murder (73), and Lust (99).

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