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The "Clear Command Parameters" Sub is called prior to each use of the Command object.This routine clears the Parameters collection of the Command object.The Command object variable is then instatiated, and its Active Connection property is set to reference the connection that was just opened.The only difference between this Sub and that of the preceding sample application is that the Command object's Command Type is not set here – this is because in the preceding sample application, the Command Type was always a textual string, so we could set Command Type to ad Cmd Text just once and "forget about it".I've modified this some, but the original was by The VBProgramer.Stored Procedures in General This Visual Basic tutorial is designed to help you understand how ADO works and how you can use this in conjunction with stored procedures.

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Stored procedures are programs consisting of SQL statements as well as logic to control the flow of processing.

Net course includes the following contents Pro IT Online Training assures you that a little knowledge about fundamentals of the programming will be enough from your side and we will take the responsibility that you will be an expert in the related area by the end of the course. NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.

Many companies are looking out for people who have the knowledge about the . It is the good opportunity for the students to plan and have a career in this area.

They can contain both input and output parameters and can return values.

A stored procedure is called this way because it is stored in the database rather than the program.

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