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The following metadata shows a sample tenant-specific value.The resulting value will be the same as the token issuer.One of the things the Identity Model.class needs to check is the signature.This uses the certificate in the “x5c” field in the key metadata.The strategy allows a multi-tenant application to validate the issuer for a given tenant.The following metadata shows a sample tenant-independent When a service receives a token that is issued by a Azure AD tenant, the signature of the token must be validated with a signing key that is published in the federation metadata document.

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When a federation metadata document includes more than one certificate, a service that is validating the tokens should support all certificates in the document.A useful tip is to look at the values in the decoded token and then compare with the values configured in the sample. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) publishes a federation metadata document for services that is configured to accept the security tokens that Azure AD issues.Applications that restrict access to a single tenant use tenant-specific endpoints.Tenant-independent endpoints provide information that is common to all Azure AD tenants.

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