Updating ps3 via storage media

If you want to use homebrew software on your PSP, you can install custom firmware.

My resources are: A laptop A USB connector A 1GB SD card An ethernet cable A jailbroken i Phone I need to update my Playstation 3 through removable media, obviously. (FAT32 is the only type of removable storage media that a PS3 can so much as acknowledge its existence). Hooking up your PS3 to your laptop will not work as the PS3 will detect the laptop as a device, and the laptop will detect the PS3 as a device. Turn on your PS3 and insert the disc into the disc tray.Navigate to the "Settings" menu and then press "X" to select "System Update" from the list.This burns the contents of the "UPDATE" folder to the blank CD.Wait for the burning process to complete and then eject the disc from your computer.

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