Updating is not supported by data source unless

Calendar Express - The Best HTML Calendar Generator on the web! Row Updating() fires and you can use it to check the user's input values for bogus or dangerous data that you don't want to save to the DB.(Please ' Mark as Answer' when it applies) thanks for the reply. - You don't have to use it all, but it is highly recommended.6. You need to enter the update information into the ODS control. Using the ODS's smart tag, select Configure Data Source.2.First, it looks for one or more methods with the name that is specified in the property.If no match is found, an Invalid Operation Exception exception is thrown.and i get this error: Updating is not supported by Object Data Source 'ods' unless the Update Method is specified.here is my page: Data Key Names="id" Show Footer="True" Grid Lines="None" Row Style-Border Color="beige" Row Style-Border Width="1" Cell Padding="4" Fore Color="#333333" On Row Updating="gv_Row Updating" On Row Command="gv_Row Command" On Row Data Bound="gv_Row Data Bound" On Sorting="gv_Sorting" Allow Paging="True" Allow Sorting="True" Page Size="5" Width="444px"David Wier MCP/ASPInsider ASPNet101- where to look first! - Use either a Business Logic Layer or connect directly to a Table Adapter Update method or write your own SQL statements for the Update.3.The method is resolved after the parameters are merged.

I am getting this message when I try to update my database table: Updating is not supported by data source ' Sql Data Source1' unless Update Command is specified I am new user of 2005 using visual studio with little knowlwdge of visual basic. Gridview Hi all, I have a gridview that bound to a Sql Data Source called Sql Data Source Grid View. Entities{ [Metadata Type(typeof(Asset Meta Data))] public partial class Asset [...'do' won't 'do' if '/' Greetings to All from Au, Have a Net Ware Perl 5.8.4 and wanted to tweak File\Spec\to try and standardise on '/' separators. Use any declarative data source control (Access Data Source, Sql Data Source, Linq Data Source, Entity Data Source, Object Data Source, ... Typically, this is used to modify the type of the data in the parameter.Finally, you can programmatically add and remove parameters in the Updating event, which occurs before the Update method is run.in the gridview i have few textbox, dropdownlist and one usercontrol when the user click on EDIT ( i have button called EDIT) then user able to modify the data and when the user hit UPDATE (i have update button) then i want to execute the code and rebind to gridview when i first display the gridivew i'm retriving the data from object called People make sense? The Grid View fires the Update command that was setup in the ODS Update tab to save the update to the DB. Row Updated() fires letting you know the update is complete, and you can rebind the Grid View to see the updated data in the UI. I'm not sure why you aren't using the buttons that are provided. I'm discussing using a Grid View and Details View with SQLData Sources, but the discussion is the same. i see that you are not using objectdatasource and here is what i'm trying to do in my grid i have few textbox and dropdownlist i have my own custom buttons for insert, update, delete.. Choose your business object (in your example, this should already be done, so just click Next).3.It sure makes life easier, and with the proper use of the events provided, you can accomplish just about anything you need to without writing your own code for the buttons. Since you are not using a Details View, you only need one Data Source (ODS in your case). I've got to step out for a while, so I hope the other thread will answer you questions. Click on the UPDATE tab and choose a method that will update the database: - If you are wired directly to a Table Adapter, then there should be a method to choose from in the drop down list.

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