Updatepanel hidden field not updating

Refreshing or reloading is achieved by making an ASP.Net AJAX Update Panel do a Post Back using Java Script. Net Introduction Updatepanel control is part of the released with 2.0 as part of ajax which has brought a new revolution to ajax applications.The component is mainly used for asynchronous processing of the http requests and partial rendering.Most AJAX Frameworks have the Update Panel, and they are all similar in function, but I’m referring specifically to the one built into the Microsoft AJAX Framework.If you haven’t used AJAX before, it’s a useful tool to know and understand, but I wouldn’t recommend going much further than that.Calling it from our client side script is very simple: This is a page that updates a span—My Time Span—with the response from what the web service returns.We do this by adding our web service as a Service Reference.

The AJAX Framework includes some metadata in responses to make things easier, such as type names, to allow for a typing system.

A recent code camp presentation I did sparked a debate about the “Update Panel” in AJAX.

It’s no secret I believe it barely qualifies as real AJAX at all.

This article will explain the different ways you can refresh or reload an Update Panel using Java Script.

Select Command="Select a.id,a.vno,a.vdate,isnull(e.name,'') as name,case when a.saletype=0 then 'Local' else 'Central' end as saletype,isnull(round(a.amount,0),0) as value,isnull(a.billno,'') as billno, Problem is not with databinding concept, if i remove the update panel from the page, grid works fine. The partial post will done when rendered the Grid control within the update panel and we need to trigger the post-back for exporting.

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