Two day rule in dating

You don’t need to say much; just keep it light and simple.

Respond to his comment on the game and then you can say you had a good time. That doesn’t make you over eager, too enthusiastic or desperate.

As a result, lots of men, good guys who would make great mates, have been beat up and feel dejected. So a little positive feedback that lets a man know you are happy to hear from him is a smart move.Here’s what happened for one woman who took this typical timing as an insult.What do you think of guys who follow the 3-day rule after a great first date? This was 4 days ago and he hasn’t texted or called me.I’m all in favor of having high standards so long as you are realistic with your expectations. Instead, I’m going to encourage you to open up a little and give men a chance.Offer a little positive encouragement and give them a chance to win you over.

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