The sims 2 dating

It's a system that traverses the entire world of The Sims from birth to death and everywhere in between.We wanted to be able to add to that experience in Nightlife.After all, wouldn't the existing romance aspiration cover the social aspects of Nightlife?Tim Le Tourneau: The aspiration and wants and fears system is a significant addition to The Sims 2 gameplay from the original game.We introduced a date score and an outing score for time out with friends.

After all, the first The Sims sold millions of copies, and its eight expansion packs added millions more.TL: They will definitely have specific tracks that they are attracted to, but more likely you will see them interested in changing careers. GS: When we look at Nightlife, we're reminded very much of the Hot Date expansion for the original Sims. I think that the most important thing it provided was the opportunity to get sims out of the house to experience something new and similar to the lives that we lead.Hot Date opened up a whole new world of dating interaction. And what kind of new interactions can we look forward to? Dating was part of that and Nightlife takes that gameplay to the next level.Game Spot: We're familiar with the existing aspiration system in The Sims 2, which lets players put their sims on the fast track to professional success or higher social standing.What exactly is the new pleasure aspiration, and why did you feel it was necessary for Nightlife?

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