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Plus, this will help you navigate gay teen dating a whole lot easier.More » There was a time when dating online was seen as a little weird, or even pathetic.Because there are fewer "rules" for same-sex relationships than there are for opposite-sex ​relationships, figuring out what's going on can be incredibly confusing. Then, look for signs like long eye contact, finding themselves wanting to get physically close to you, and remembering all the things you say.As a teen, you're just stepping into the dating scene.Although dating online is more common these days, there are some safety issues to consider.For instance, you'll want to keep personal information to yourself, like your real name, address, and birthdate.To get started, join some GLBT groups so you can build your community.You can also find friends in your area through youth websites, programs, and community centers.

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I don't know anyone with the same interests as me, so it's pretty tough." It's not shocking that the people we have crushes on are those we see the most often.More » Sometimes, it seems like no one will ever have a crush on you.However, the feeling of having no one who likes you usually has to do with the signals you send out and the messages you're giving.However, coming out to your friend and revealing your crush may yield results that you're not looking for.Be prepared by mapping out all the types of scenarios that could happen so that nothing takes you by surprise.

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