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The mongod uses the new experimental asynchronous networking mode with an adaptive thread pool which manages threads on a per request basis.This mode should have more consistent performance and use less resources when there are more inactive connections than database requests.On systems with workloads that exhibit connection spikes, for which it is empirically known that the local system can honor higher values for the The maximum number of simultaneous connections that mongod will accept.This setting has no effect if it is higher than your operating system’s configured maximum connection tracking threshold.constant for the local system is, by the letter of the standards, undefined behavior.Higher values may be silently integer truncated, may be ignored, may cause unexpected resource consumption, or have other adverse consequences.The configuration file included with Linux and mac OS packages sets the time zone database path to by default.The built-in time zone database is a copy of the Olson/IANA time zone database.

For example, a Mongo DB deployment might store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in one or more collections.

The LDAP server against which the mongod executes LDAP operations against to authenticate users or determine what actions a user is authorized to perform on a given database.

If the LDAP server specified has any replicated instances, you may specify the host and port of each replicated server in a comma-delimited list.

This can lead to misleading timestamps for log entries, especially when the system is under heavy load.

We recommend using the : user Specifies the facility level used when logging messages to syslog.

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