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Meanwhile, Mo gets a job at a law firm for the project and loses his job after failing to deliver a document to be sent to the U. The school's chemistry lab catches on fire, and when Mo's burned chemistry book is found in the rubble, Mo becomes the prime suspect and he gets suspended, prompting T. J.'s ideas be passed to the boss by Ferret, and Floyd feels it's time to lay down the law when he finds that T. is barely spending any time with the family, and he ends up missing his father's basketball game. He previously appeared as Sheldon, a character similar to the one he plays in this episode in the episode "Primary Brothers", four episodes earlier. After it seems Mo may be done for during a mock trial that T. In total, there were 51 episodes of the show shot over the course of its three season run, from April 2, 1997 to May 16, 1999.

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know that he is not the only one who is the "odd man out" in life, and Marcus apologizes for the things he said to T. When the keyboard player in Marcus' band Mackadocious breaks his finger and gets sidelined, T. steps in to save the day, but Marcus is not willing to let T. play during their big gig at the school's "Battle of the Bands" competition. Guest star Christina Milian is credited as Christine Flores. But the plan goes awry when Tyler starts to literally begin acting like a dog and Marcus has to face Alina's big ex-boyfriend Warren, who threatens to beat him up. That plan goes awry as well, when Warren tells Marcus that Alina is Mo's woman, and he gets angry, not realizing the plan at hand and almost starts a fight between him, Mo, T. and Warren in the school hallway when Warren finds out that Mo isn't so much of the tough guy he talked himself up to be. also admits that he offered to show the record producer some tax loopholes in exchange for getting him to get Mackadocious phony gigs where they would play for nobody as revenge for getting kicked out of the band. stays up all night studying, hopped up on chocolate and coffee, and crashes and burns during the show. is forced to work at "Chow Wagon", delivering food, and ends up impressing the boardroom at an electronics company, specializing in the manufacturing of DVDs. Ferret as payback for getting him in trouble with the boss for explaining that T. Guest starring: Jim Jansen as Paxton Murdoch, Scott N. Ferret Co-starring: Robin Stapler as Jeanine Neufelt, Roxanne Beckford as Perkins, Michele T. Ward as Principal Militich Title Reference: Working Girl When the basketball coach quits in the middle of a game after Coach Gerber finds out that his wife has decided to leave him, the team must come up with another coach or forfeit -- so T. is elected and though the team does not win that game, they make an incredible comeback -- and eventually, the team ends up going from losers to winners. Marcus decides to step up and become the smarter brother for the first time, which he finds to be hard. J.'s intelligence reappears while in class one day, he decides to continue acting dumb, realizing the benefits as he is no longer getting picked on by classmates and fits in with Marcus and Mo. Ross, Andrew Hill Newman as Mirisch Note: This is the first appearance of J. This is Estaban Louis Powell's second appearance on the show. earns a job at the company, he soon becomes a little too obsessed with it -- and ends up being given a bigger workload thanks to his co-worker Mr. abuses his power in the new position, pushing the team players a little too hard, forcing Floyd to pull T. J.'s IQ takes a dive after he's accidentally hit on the head by a couple of wood planks while helping Marcus and Mo stack some 2x4s, allowing him to act more his age. eventually reveals his intelligence is back, when he, Marcus and Mo are in danger of failing after Marcus begins to panic after he forgets the facts on his report, during the trio's oral presentation on World War II. Rawlings, Esteban Louis Powell as Clark Co-starring: Johari Johnson as Dr. However in this episode Mackey is a bully, but in all other episodes he appears in, he is shown as a sensitive nice guy who is sometimes ridiculed by his friends.

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