Snape and lily dating

Several snowflakes were stuck in her hair and some spotted her cloak, which she had pulled tightly around her, trying to block out the cold.

Snape looked at her, and it was hard for him to pull his eyes away to find an empty table, because she looked so beautiful.

James crumpled to the floor, his eyes wide, and Lily draped herself across him, fumbling for her wand."Sev, help me! He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

He turned and ran out of the door, afraid of what he had just done.

She fell to the ground, grasping where he had hit her. After a few seconds, the Marauders had disappeared into the shadows."Are you hurt? They walked slowly to the castle, and it was pitch black when they finally got to its big, oaken doors.

Snape glared at James as he filed into the hall to sit down with the other Slytherins."What's up?

" Avery asked as he stuffed his mouth with Yorkshire pudding."Nothing," Snape said as he shrugged off the chicken leg offered by Nott. Snape couldn't resist the temptation of putting his arm around her shoulders, and she didn't flinch or shrug it off when his hand gently brushed the back of her neck. She still looked beautiful, even though her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

He couldn't eat, although his stomach growled with hunger. Her lips were perfect crimson, and looked so soft and welcoming. Next thing he knew, they were both leaning in to kiss.

She buried her face in her arms, waiting for the class to start.

Everyone had just watched the fiasco with James and Lily, and murmurs echoed through the dungeon classroom."What happened? ""Well, heard that-""Does that mean that James is available?

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