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Our family and friends still wonder how two ex-electrical engineers who were such left corporate life behind for good to create a location-independent freedom lifestyle with their own businesses, dozens of income streams and balance it all on a world travel schedule. But if you want to know how we did this, I’m happy to tell you. I feel very fortunate that I was able to work with Farnoosh on my leadership journey when I joined her Accelerated Men’s Leadership program in 2016.

The experience has made a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.

For example, students attending the California Institute of Technology have an average SAT score of 1520.

By looking at Facebook to determine the most popular (or — “liked”) band of students at Cal Tech, Griffith was able to conclude that Radiohead really truly is music for smart people. As Digital Inspiration points out, Griffith’s chart reveals Sufjan Stevens, Bob Dylan, The Shins, and — uh — Counting Crows as other favorite bands of smart people.

I also teach you how to speak the right sales language and create a powerful client acquisition and retention process for your consulting, advising or coaching business, in addition to business growth and development in other parts of your business such as setting up your funnels and systems, creating multiple passive or active income streams and establishing a credible personal brand to encompass it all.

That did not interest me, and I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t interest you either.

Register for Smart Exit Blueprint to start your online business, quit your day job and become a full-time entrepreneur: Smart Exit Blueprint.

A few years ago, I went from a successful corporate employee to a multi-passionate entrepreneur, twice published author with a profitable business in .

I resigned from my 6-figure job in 2011 and hired my husband full-time into our business in 2012.

I tell you this because if I’ve done it, so can you.

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