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It was stolen during the Vosa bounty, near the time of the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic and the end of Jango's life.

While under Jango Fett's ownership, its weaponry included two heavy twin blaster cannons, as well as two rapid firing laser cannons.

Boba later added a unique stabilization system which always kept the cockpit oriented "up".

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By tagging a ship with one of these beacons, Fett could then utilize his contraband Holo Net transceiver to track ships through hyperspace.

Most of these weapons were hidden beneath the hull; the armor plating would slide away during the ship's attacks.

Slave I was a modified prototype Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft used by famed bounty hunters Jango Fett and his cloned "son", Boba Fett.

It was greatly modified with advanced weapons systems by both Fetts during their respective use.

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