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-- Here are some of the winning poems from the Community Agency for Senior Citizens' 13th annual contest: The Meeting Place By Dona Sims Ruggiero Each day I take place at the same table, Smiling an invitation to each gent who arrives, To share a cup of coffee and conversation.Here, the boat owner, Who savored the wake and excitement, Of the pull of the rope on skis, The salt-smell spray on his tanned skin.

There, is that adventurous one, Who climbed mountains with children, Investigating skeletal remains of wildlife.

That might not be so true where chat rooms like Slack, Hip Chat, Campfire are concerned. Conversations tend to be less professional and more off the cuff.

Chat rooms are like informal hallway gatherings: it's easy to talk, gossip, chatter...

Immigrant child - daring to trust, American woman fulfiller of dreams. This is a battle you can't win - But you're really not losing that hair It's landing on your chin! Ringing in your ears drive you crazy I'll tell you how to master it - When the ringing gets too much to bear - Just don't answer it - IV. This is not hard to figure When buying your next pair of shoes Just get 2 sizes bigger! Lines and wrinkles troubling you They really don't look nice - When looking in the mirror Don't open up the lights! See - there's an answer to everything If my advice is heeded - And it won't cost you a blessed cent Cause there's no prescription needed!

Cast aside languages, tenets, cuisine, Sterile perfumes supplant nostalgic smells. I'll help you over this hurdle - Next time you're at the mall Just buy a tighter girdle! This poem won first place in the Humorous Poetry category.

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