Sexually intimidating

Other reported incidents of “intimidation, threats and abuse” took place in the field (when reporting outside the office), at home, in the street (covering protests, mobs, rallies, etc.) and online.

According to respondents, most acts committed in the office were perpetrated by a boss (31.7%/597 of 1882 incidents where perpetrators were cited) or supervisor (13.2%/260 of 1882). S.-based journalist, who said “I was slapped, regularly insulted and called demeaning names, not given certain assignments that were given to male co-workers instead, and forced to work overtime without being paid for it.” Other perpetrators included co-workers, police, government officials, and subordinates.

” a small number of the 238 qualitative responses indicated a positive outcome for the respondent.

But the overwhelming majority of responses alluded to a climate of impunity, such as a Pakistani journalist who said there was “no justice for female[s] in her country,” a British journalist who said she was told to “stop complaining” and an Indian journalist who said “my boss didn’t believe me and said I was over-reacting and told me to grow up.” One journalist from Cameroon said, “I never reported it. The same person who intimidated me is the same person to whom under normal circumstances, I was to report.

Some respondents said they were forced by state officials to sign pledges promising not to write critically about the government.

I finally left when I was threatened with imprisonment if I wrote another story unfavourable to the government.” A number of respondents reported threats against their family members in retaliation for their work.An American journalist wrote: “After reporting…harassment and intimidation, I was the one sent home and removed from my normal responsibilities. Embarrassing details about my personal life were dragged out and discussed by my supervisors.The HR department ruled against me based on incorrect factual information, and I appealed the decision.“ One journalist from the United States said, “I was too freaked out to report my situation (this was my first job right out of college), and the person I was working for who was causing the abuse was/is a very well-known figure in this industry.It would have been my word against his, and I felt completely powerless.

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