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Twin and Hyper laser upgrades instead utilized a pair of more powerful laser cannons between the G-Diffuser, with one just below each wing.The rear of the ship housed the engine exhaust, which would change color with the environment -- red for in-atmosphere, and blue for space operations.After the Star Fox team was paid handsomely for their action during the Plight of Sauria, they opted to upgrade their weapons, armor, their mothership, the Great Fox and their Arwings.These new, feather-like ships boasted four G-diffusers which allowed for the ship to come to a complete stop, as well as make more advanced maneuvers repeatedly, such as loops and Immelmann turns.Despite offers to enter the Cornerian millitary, Star Fox and their Arwings remained a strictly professional mercenaries-for-hire unit only.No one is sure what the Star Fox team did with the money from the Lylat Wars, although the prize money was likely used to repay the immense loan used for building James Mc Cloud's Great Fox.It was the most advanced ship of it's time, years ahead of any other fighter in Lylat.Andross had originally used spacecraft which were inferior to the Arwing, but Cornerian intelligence rumoured that he was well on his way to developing a new starfighter to rival it.

This meant the Arwings were unable to receive updates and repairs they required. Deception from a Cornerian officer named Captain Shears led to a serious dogfight between Fox and Falco, pitting Arwing against Arwing.

To provide remote assistance ROB 64 would transmit Fuel Cells to power the Arwing, but these were commonly scattered about, leaving the team to search for them in unorthodox places.

It was this stripped down, aging ship that was responsible for the final defeat of Andross.

Due to the lack of funds in the possession of the Star Fox team during the Plight of Sauria, the Arwings owned by the Star Fox team were in serious disrepair.

Even an ace pilot would have trouble keeping the ship together, due to the modifications made by Slippy Toad; these included the stripping of the targeting computers in exchange for hard currency, as well as the bomb magazines restricted to only one at a time, and the charge ability was taken away, and laser power was poor.

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