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Likewise, if your rent is getting too high, you can opt to move into someone else’s house.But besides cost sharing, there are other benefits, too. If you need help at home as well as extra income, you can opt for a bartering arrangement— reduced rent for services provided by a roommate, such as yard work, shopping or transportation.The nonprofit charges a one-time match fee ranging from to 0, based on income.After you submit your application, the program’s staff interview you in person, do five background checks, find potential matches and help both parties with a Match Agreement.Debra De Witz, a retired social worker who has several roommates, calls it “sharegiving,” that extra support that roommates naturally give each other, often in ways they couldn’t anticipate when they first met.It can take anywhere from a month to two or three to find a housemate, depending on how flexible you’re willing to be with your personal criteria and geographic radii.If you’re healthy and fit, you can take advantage of this type of low-rent arrangement. Whether you’re sharing your own house or moving into someone else’s, house sharing can decrease your cost of living; it can also help you guard against loneliness.“It’s nice to come home, open the door and have someone say, ‘How was your day? Even if roommates are off in their rooms, you know that someone else is in the house or will be walking in the door soon.

Like Senior Home Shares, the site uses a matching tool to find compatible housemates. Well, the time for older women (and men) to share a house with roommates has come again, but this time in real life. They’re the characters from the hit TV comedy The Golden Girls whose adventures we enjoyed 30 years ago.The biggest advantage to house sharing is cost-sharing.If you have one housemate paying half of your rent or 50 percent of the costs of home ownership, your Social Security check will go that much further.

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