Self liquidating project loans

Some contractor leasing companies offer contractors lease-to-own options, useful if you subsequently decide the equipment will continue to be relevant to your business.Both traditional banks and special contractor funding financiers offer loans to help contractors start and complete their projects.Otherwise, the organization with which you contract may be concerned that funding will fall through.

Leasing the equipment you need can help you finance your project while protecting you against the financial risk of purchasing big-ticket items you might not use again.For example, a company may issue a self-liquidating bond to pay for its inventory, which it intends to quickly sell.It is called a self-liquidating bond because the proceeds from the sale of the assets provide the capital with which the issuer may repay the bond.Once the company is registered and the advance fee handed over, victims receive a counterfeit cheque for the full amount borrowed.Upon discovery that the cheque and entire loan arrangement are false, victims find themselves unable to contact the ‘loan providers’.

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