Sedating pain

For a more chronic condition you press in addition the tender spots around the ears and eyes, and hips and shoulders.

You may also add points of other meridians that have a direct relationship to the problem.

You may trace all the main meridians once or several times daily, or you may concentrate on the meridians most in need of improvement.

Important meridians may be traced repeatedly during the day for 20 times or more.

Therefore, some points of these organs may be treated as well.

Stimulating these points with special needles (acupuncture) or pressure (acupressure) helps to normalize impaired conditions.

In addition, you may use electro-acupuncture to treat points with a weak DC current.

Frequently, the pressure points of a pair of meridians will be more sensitive on one side of the body than on the other side. The meridian with the more tender points requires sedation, relaxation and withdrawal of energy, while its counterpart on the Instead of needling or pressing acupuncture-points, you may place the north pole of a small magnet on a point for stimulation or the south pole for sedation.

A main problem in healing is the balancing of the energy flows.

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