Secrets of dating a man

He’d prefer you be with him much of the time but there are times where he may want time alone with his friends. So it’s vital that you have your own life going on outside of him that you can take part in while he’s in a mood for some solitude. Show him your independence and desire to live life to the fullest as he does. A Gemini man has expectations for a woman he plans to settle down with.If you want to get him to that point; you’re going to have to prove to him why he should choose you. Well doing the aforementioned would be a good start.He’d be bored fairly quickly trying to live that type of existence and this would make him miserable.The Gemini man can often be seen juggling multiple jobs, hobbies, or projects.He refuses to let boredom creep in as it somehow terrifies him.

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He wants you to be up, active and getting after it.He wants a woman who is capable of helping herself but can appreciate his help when she can get it.This makes him more appreciative of you when you’re appreciative of him. They are spontaneous, they like to stay busy, they loathe boredom, and they tend to go with the flow of life rather than plan things ahead.Other than their jobs; they really don’t like to “premeditate” with anything.

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