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The Sutherland Brothers had recorded "Sailing" subsequent to completing the tracks intended for their upcoming album release Lifeboat, and that album was issued in November 1972 without the inclusion of "Sailing": included on the US edition of the Lifeboat album, "Sailing" by the Sutherland Brothers would make its UK album debut on the 1976 Sutherland Brothers' compilation album entitled Sailing.

"Sailing" was recorded by Rod Stewart for his first album recorded in North America rather than Great Britain: Atlantic Crossing, which album was recorded April – June 1975 at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio with Tom Dowd producing.

Built in 1904, Bessie Ellen is one of the last ketches of an era now gone forever.

Today, she sails on, giving sailing holidays in stunning locations to people just like you who are looking for adventure at sea.

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If you need time to be alone to read or just contemplate, apart from the spacious bunks the boat is large enough that you can find somewhere to relax.

Gavin Sutherland would comment: "Most people take the song to be about a young guy telling his girl that he's crossing the Atlantic to be with her.

In fact the song's got nothing to do with romance or ships; it's an account of mankind's spiritual odyssey through life on his way to freedom and fulfillment with the Supreme Being." "Sailing" was recorded by the Sutherland Brothers – a duo consisting of Gavin and Iain Sutherland – in a June 1972 session: the brothers provided their own backing with Gavin on bass drum and Iain on harmonium – (Iain Sutherland quote:) "The original idea was it should have a Celtic feel to it" Issued as a single, the Sutherland Brothers' "Sailing" almost reached the official UK singles chart (then formatted as a Top 50), as "Sailing" peaked at #54 in July 1972, and the single's sales were reportedly 40,000 units.

There are people from all backgrounds and walks of society who have a breadth of life experiences.

This lends itself to interesting and stimulating discussions, lively debate and of course personal stories to be told.

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