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Rebagliati reflects with Ian Hanomansing on his Olympic experience and using his “cannabis card." Ian Hanomansing is the co-host of The National.Since 1986, he has had a wide variety of assignments for CBC as a reporter, anchor and interviewer.Then the crashing lows of living in poverty in a trailer, turning the "6" on his street sign upside down to trick the repo man who was trying to take back his truck. It seems there have always been a wide variety of opinions about Rebagliati.His career crashed in part, he said, because of years of "corporate pushback" over his support of the cannabis lifestyle, difficulty in entering the United States and, he admits, over-extending himself financially when he was buying and flipping properties in Whistler. But at least a couple of things have been consistent over the past two decades: He dreams big, and cannabis is a big part of that.He shot this video for CBC in the trees at Big White near Kelowna, B. Twenty years ago, Ross Rebagliati won gold in Nagano as a snowboarder.Now, he’s chasing gold again with his new cannabis company Ross’ Gold.They are looking for love, admiration and applause.

His ability to compete was also hindered — Rebagliati was barred from entering the United States, and other countries, because he had publicly admitted past drug use."My career came to a grinding halt. The year I won the Olympics I made ,000 for the year."Hopefully his new endeavor will help him make up for some lost income.

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