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—"The Difficulty of Gaming Women by Age Bracket." Tailoring your game to her age range.Key quote: —"State of Mind." Do it with unwavering boldness.—"Generalizing Your Way Into Her Panties." —"‘Are You Seeing Anyone? —"The Fine Art of Teasing." Toeing the line between playful and butthurt.—"The Class Clown Puts Her in the Mood." Self-deprecating wit is not why Woody Allen gets laid.“Heartiste is the intellectual linchpin of the Manosphere.” — Frost “Heartiste is the Aristotle of the manosphere.

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The only things on this list are those that pertain more or less directly to getting and—if that's your thing—keeping strange.

—"The Natural’s Dilemma." What makes a natural; what breaks a natural.

—"Persistence: The Underrated Alpha Male Quality." —"Inner Game." Girls should vye for your attention and affections. " —"I Only Play Games With Girls Who Deserve It." —"It Builds Character To Reject Women." —"How To Inure Yourself to Beautiful Women." Training yourself to put away the pedestal.

" A brutal listing of female lows, as witnessed by CH.

—"Heady Pettiness." Key quote: —"Better Than Again: The Female Secret Code Decoder Dictionary." Douche, asshole, jerk, bastard, pig, and other compliments commonly paid by women.

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