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Had “Red Sparrow” dared to have a little fun along the way, this hard-R thriller might actually have thrilled.

More “Tinker Tailor Solider Spy” than “Atomic Blonde,” 20th Century Fox‘s dramatic espionage thriller “Red Sparrow” is likely not the film you’re expecting, or wanting, especially if you’re a fan of the mainstream works of Jennifer Lawrence.

"If you wanted to screw her, mechanically speaking, you could, and she'd enjoy it," Nathan says to him. Go back to 1928's The gynoid physique is even more prominent in Japan, represented in graphic art and massively popular anime cartoons.

Hajime Sorayama, whose design work resides in the Museum of Modern Art, made a career out of robot erotica.

She cues each scene to a different mood, leaving the audience in a dangling state of discovery.

We’re on her side, but more than that we’re in her head. The movie gets enough right (thanks largely to its top-shelf cast, which also includes Jeremy Irons and Ciaran Hinds on the SVR side) that a blatant cheat like that is galling — especially since it arrives well after the film has abandoned the prurience it used to get the raincoat crowd in the door.

"Project Aiko" is Canadian inventor Le Trung's attempt to build the ultimate female companion. According to Trung's website, Aiko has sensitivity sensors on her face and body, including her breasts and even down there.

The director’s well-intentioned patience ultimately means nothing when its interminable pacing makes the movie feel twice as protracted as its longwinded, two-hour-plus running time. @Hibbits crafted an edge of your seat thriller that’s pretty brutal at times and always keeps your guessing.

Features an awesome performance by Jennifer Lawrence. BAFj Vz — Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) February 12, 2018 Just like Jennifer Lawrence in the film, I felt like I was constantly being tortured while watching RED SPARROW.

Ever [sic] here, however, the movie resonates with a precise topicality for an audience reeling from the exhumed shadow of the Soviet threat.

I’m sorry, “Red Sparrow,” but you can’t just throw out a brilliantly terrible line like “You sent me to whore school!

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