Reggie miller is dating

Ben Schwartz: Hey Mark, stop giving us stories that are fake and phony, okay? Lauren Lapkus: Well, we showed a photograph of a kitten sitting inside Lauren Lapkus: of a kangaroo's pouch.

Ben Schwartz: Thank you guys so much for hanging out at The Social Wall.

Ben Schwartz: So stick around for The Earliest Show.

Ben Schwartz: In the mean time, we have an incredible guest coming up. ♪ ♪ Getting out of bed because you have to eat sucks, right? Just poor your cereal, say "Night-Night" and wake up to a delicious meal ready to eat. ♪ ♪ Ben Schwartz: Welcome back to The Earliest Show.

Ben Schwartz: You see that cute little baby kitty cat? Ben Schwartz: And just so we know, that is your exact outfit?

Lauren Lapkus: Now, this is the live feed from my home. Ben Schwartz: And so what is it-- You told me you buy the cat outfits first, Ben Schwartz: and then sew your own outfits.

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