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The interval is defined as days (0 to 364), hours (0 to 23), minutes (0 to 59), and seconds (0 to 59) and should be chosen to match the requirements of the DDNS servers. (Optional) Send DDNS updates from the ASA DHCP client: asa(config)# interface if name asa(config-if)# ddns update method name asa(config-if)# ddns update hostname hostname asa(config-if)# ip address dhcp [setroute] The DDNS method named method_name (configured in Step 3) is used on the specified ASA interface.When the ASA DHCP client sends a DDNS update, it needs to know its own hostname.Here is how you can enable the DNS integration with the Windows Server 2012 DHCP server: Once done, click OK to save the changes that you have made.A Pointer (PTR) record resolves an IP address to a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) as an opposite to what A record does. Here is what it looks like when performing external DNS lookup: mail servers and external mail servers (e.g. send Based on a bug report from 2004 at, the solution is as follows: A blank line needs to be introduced between the setting of the A record and the setting of the PTR record, like this: server dns01.update delete pup01. 300 A 1.209 [blank line goes here] update delete 209.2.

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Finally, the ip address dhcp command starts the DHCP client and requests an IP address for the interface.

You can configure the ASA DHCP server to send DDNS updates with the following global configuration command: asa(config)# dhcpd update dns [both] [override] [interface if name] As soon as this command is given, the ASA DHCP server sends updates for PTR resource records only.

You can add the both keyword to send both A and PTR records.

The DHCP mechanism is always used to send updates to a DNS server that is DDNS-capable.

You can use the following steps to configure DDNS support: 1. Define an update method: asa(config)# ddns update method method name The DDNS update method policy is known by the arbitrary method_name string. Specify the update method: asa(DDNS-update-method)# ddns [both] By default, the ASA attempts to update only the A resource record.

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