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He hovers near Spyro and indicates the player’s remaining hit points by his color.He begins as yellow, and each time Spyro receives damage, he changes to blue and then green before finally disappearing.Gems are found throughout all levels, either in containers (which must be destroyed in a variety of ways) or simply lying about.

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Hit points can be recovered by feeding Sparx butterflies, which can be obtained by defeating the harmless fodder in each level, such as sheep. In certain games, he can gain additional abilities, such as pointing towards uncollected gems or receiving an extra hit point.It was the first in a sub-series of Gameboy Advance games.There were also two mobile phone games that acted as continuations of the GBA games' plots: Spyro (2003) and Spyro: Ripto Quest (2004).A series mainstay are the Thieves, a special type of enemy who hold the game's primary collectable (traditionally a Dragon Egg) and must be chased down by Spyro and defeated.Usually, the levels of the game are divided into homeworlds.

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