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Renee has also posted more than 500 photos on the site.Some of them are sweet, some are strange, many are provocative. Renee's mother Barbara claims she is mystified by Renee's virtual success, saying she has "no idea" why the site is so popular. But Renee thinks differently: "They're hoping to see goodies. Her mother says that older guys will look at her daughter no matter what. So I mean they're gonna look at her no matter where she's at," Barbara says. In addition to the member fees, Renee also gets paid for directly linking her Web site to other Web sites, including one that is pornographic.It was very innocent."But then "48 Hours" showed Robin pictures that were taken for the web site of Ashley wearing lingerie, and a thong. Last April they shut down the site and charged its owner and photographer, James Grady, with 880 counts of violating a specific Colorado statute against the Sexual Exploitation of Children. Mike Miller and Andy Contiguglia, Grady's attorneys, say Colorado authorities have gone too far.More provocative material is out there, they say, much of it commercially available in books and magazines, and isn't being prosecuted in Colorado.He remains in custody in West County Jail in Richmond, where he is being held without bail for violating probation. 13 Calandrella visited one home each in Lafayette and Orinda that were being displayed to prospective buyers.While inside, he rifled through bedrooms and stole jewelry, including a necklace and a watch, they said. In March 2010, Calandrella — then a real estate agent — was arrested for using his access to lockboxes to rummage through homes in San Ramon that were up for sale, police said.This time, a watchful 12-year-old girl got him in trouble.

Renee is a "Cam Girl"-- just one of hundreds of young girls who compete for attention on the Web by putting webcam photos and videos of themselves online. But it isn't free: For four days it's .95; for a month it's .95; for six months it's .95. There's chat, information about how she does her hair and where she shops, and Renee's daily journal.

Like most 16-year-olds, Renee's world is in her bedroom.

She hangs out here with her friends, and spends hours on her computer.

They were put in a position to display their bodies. Yet the body part was still exposed."Robin, Ashley's mother, defends her participation in the site by saying she was only trying to help her daughter become a professional model.

But the Ford Modeling Agency in New York City, which represents nearly 300 teenage and child models, says they don't surf the Web looking for models.

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