Pisces man and capricorn woman dating

A vast ocean of compatibility flows between these two people, a wordless communion, poetry in motion, the merging of two souls, and a sense of completion.How to Attract a Pisces Woman as a Pisces Man: You have to try to figure out which one of you is going to play lost and confused and which one of you is going to try to be the helpful guide.What Pisces woman continues to dream up, Capricorn male has the power to make reality.

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They meet for lunch just to lock fingers and reassure one another that everything is okay or hurry home from work to sit with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace, offering mutual love or at least commiseration. Degree of Friendship: Think of two old redwood trees, hundreds of feet tall, hundreds of years old, who have stood beside each other in the forest, like stalwart companions.

You can get a sense of this with your psychic ability and choose your strategy accordingly.

There is really no way to know without looking at the two individuals involved.

Something which can bring deep and ruinous resentment to a dreamy affair. Unlike some other signs, Pisces will have no qualms playing the part of damsel in distress.

She has given more than enough opportunities for suitors to nourish her imagination and spirit before and they’ve all come up wanting.

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