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That sort of financial policy is, of course, suicidal, "On February 22, 1895, I presided in Syrian Temple of Cincinnati, in the dual role of its Potentate and the Imperial Potentate, and assisted in the initiation of a class of two hundred and nineteen candidates, believed to be the largest does not sanction communication of the Order except in the case of Petitioners for a new Temple in unoccupied territory, and then only performable by the Imperial Potentate or his Special Deputy.

If such a power existed the Order would be communicated right and left under a great variety of cir"In addition to this magnificent record of worthy effort, there have been many cases where relief was afforded to unfortunate members of our own Order and their families, but these deeds, while beautiful in themselves, are not emphasized because they are of our own and entitled to help.

Not only the upbuilding of the Order, but the very fraternity we seek to promote among the nobility, is best served by these "But at the same time it should be set forth as a true statement of our law, that there is nothing in its provision that in any way disqualifies a Noble for continuous membership in the Temple or in any way subjects him to discipline, if, having been a member of either or both the prerequisite Orders, he voluntarily and honorably withdraws from either or both of them and lives without offense against their in prosperity joined, kept up his standing, and paid his dues in the Temple and in all the Masonic Bodies, through adversity finds himself, in justice to his family or to his creditors, unable to maintain himself in all these organizations.

In such a case he should have his choice, and be The elective officers were duly installed into office by Past Imperial Potentate Noble William B.

Joseph, and Sahara, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas; also Tangier, in Omaha, Nebraska, which was continued under Dispensation for one year. Mayo, First Ceremonial Master; Wayland Trask, Second Ceremonial Master; "My opportunities have been restricted during the year now at an end, and 'Official Visits' in person have been few. Alhambra was established by myself in September, 1889.

Deputy; William Bromwell Melish, Chief Rabban; Thomas J. Brush, High Priest and Prophet; Bruce Goodfellow, Oriental Guide; Joseph S. I visited Wash"With this view of our affairs continually before me, the knowledge that our Institution is an expensive one to maintain, and the ready assent of a large majority of our representatives, determined me in my course to call this Session at Four Dollars, and that but one-half of the revenue from these sources be allowed to mileage and per diem expenses. Catrow to form and open a Temple of the Order in Oklahoma City, Territory of Oklahoma, to be known as 'India.' Illustrious Noble H. Smith was appointed as the first Potentate, and authorized those who have known Noble Mayo for years as a member of this Imperial Council, and have recognized his signal ability as the Grand Secretary for many years of the Grand Cornmandery of Knights Templar, Grand Chapter, and Grand Council of Missouri, I need not speak in detail of the pains‑"It was my understanding that the Imperial Council desired by this act to place a generous sum at the disposal of the Imperial Potentate for use in furthering the interests of the Order, maintaining the dignity of the Imperial Council, visit the Island of Malta, the home of Noble John Worthington, United States Consul at that point.

If we consult the writings of Pythagoras, we shall find that he points to the far East, whence he derived his instruction. Florence, 32, Edward Eddy, 33, Daniel Sickels, 33 Charles T. Proceedings 1877, February 6th, session held in Masonic Temple, Albany, N. Still, however embarrassed as it may now appear, we should not despair, as it is the universal and inevitable result of the calamitous apathy in all branches of business, even where men devote almost "There have been several applications for Dispensations which were not granted, in consequence of non-compliance with some one or more requirements of the Statutes and Regulations. It now only requires a prompt response from the subordinate Temples in making their returns, and the continued zeal on the part of our Deputies and Representatives of the Desert. He asserted that it was thoroughly safe to assume that the Mystic Shrine was now an established institution, the future of which admitted no doubt, and the discouraging period of uncertainty "The apathy which too long characterized the many new and smaller Temples has given way to renewed zeal and interest, a firmness of purpose to equip and exemplify has manifested itself, and the almost contagious enthusiasm has had its influence throughout the length and breadth of our Imperial Jurisdiction.

His activity in The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite secured for him the Thirty-third and Highest The Committee also recommended that "the Dispensations which have been issued to Acca Temple, of Richmond, Virginia, and Jerusalem Temple, at New Orleans, Louisiana, be and are hereby continued until the next Annual Session," and this was adopted.

Temple, which Body in extraordinary session exemplified the Degree that same afternoon before an unusually large gathering of the Nobles, in a manner thoroughly in keeping with so important an occasion.roster of the Imperial Council Temples which do not appear to give evidence of that prosperity which was so hoped for, I have not desired to multiply such, and, on the other hand, the extreme anxiety and enthusiasm manifested by applicants, even in communities where the existence of sufficient Body and mutually exchange the greetings enjoined by the Prophet, this occasion possessing more than usual interest from the fact that it closes a Triennial terma session of unexampled prosperity and glory to our honored with their highest offices; being an Honorary Member of the Supreme Council, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, and in 1887 attained the highest dignity in the Grand Commandery of New York.

In the first place the condition of the Imperial Treasury is such that the expense of a trip across the continent could not be met, nor is there any likeli The Twenty-second Annual Session of the Imperial Council of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America was convened at the city of Cleveland, Ohio, on June 23, 1896, and was opened in due and regular form by thestand with ranks unbroken, shoulder to shoulder, ready to obey orders and to battle for the cause in which we are so deeply interested.

No dissensions have arisen requiring interference by the Imperial Potentate, peace and harmony other difficulties will arise which can best be overcome by frequent meetings of the supreme governing tribunal.

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