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Modern Chinese archaeologists have revealed more details of the ancient inhabitants and their ways of life.

The unique dry conditions have preserved usually perishable artifacts and even the bodies of some of the people buried there.

To the East is the Gobi Desert; to the west is the Tarim Basin, which drains the mountains to the north.

Its watercourses eventually evaporate in the Takla Makan.

Subeshi (Subeixi) is situated to the east of the famous Silk Road town of Turpan (Turfan).

Since early exploitation by foreign archaeologists in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the area has continued to reveal amazing relicts of the past.

Once Upon a Tide is holding an event on 06/05/2018 (calendar): Topless Tuesday. This area was both a trade route and the point of contact many people from different environments and cultures.People farmed and traded in the oases and nomads visited both for trade and warfare.They have not been widely published in Chinese or English, but they are very significant for the study of archery history.Shanshan County, to the east of Urumqi, is on the Northern Route of the Silk Road, which splits in two to pass the extremely arid Takla Makan Desert.

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