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For most repositories, these three ways of formatting the externals definitions have the same ultimate effect. Unfortunately, they all bring the same annoyances, too.

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Fetching external item into calc/third-party/sounds A calc/third-party/sounds/A calc/third-party/sounds/A calc/third-party/sounds/… Externals definitions are still multiline, but the order and format of the various pieces of information have changed.

For either type of external, the local subdirectory part of the definition cannot contain ). Perhaps most disappointingly, the working copies created via the externals definition support are still disconnected from the primary working copy (on whose versioned directories the property was actually set).

File externals cannot refer to files from other repositories. And Subversion still truly operates only on nondisjoint working copies.

Fortunately, Subversion provides support for (see the section called “Manipulating Properties”).

It can be set on any versioned directory, and its value describes both the external repository location and the client-side directory to which that location should be checked out.

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