Pages not updating internet explorer

If you are still using IE 7,8,9 or 10 then you are urged to upgrade to the latest version IE11.

Make sure you see this picture when visiting the link below.

If you see the problem event name APPCRASH in the problem signature along with a fault module name Flash, you will most likely be able to get rid off the error by updating Flash.

Similarly, if you see other module names here, you can update other programs that cause the browser to crash.

Aside from poor scripts, Flash and other extensions can use hardware acceleration and run into certain issues on certain websites.

Unfortunately IE is very sensitive to these script errors and often crashes whereas other browsers would simply render the page, something Microsoft will hopefully address in its next browser. Your browser may be slower due to software rendering but you can actively prevent crashes due to graphic card driver problems.

We recommend Opera to browse our site If you keep getting errors and IE is not responding, there are a bunch of ways how you can fix it, we suggest you try a few until something works for your specific problem.

Sometimes it can happen that you encounter errors in the Internet Explorer that do not appear in other browsers.Remove -extoff from the shortcut and start IE again, now enable only the extensions you really need one by one and always try to trigger the error “has stopped working” by visiting a page that gave you the error.Various modules can cause IE to crash and stop working while you’re browsing webpages, including Flash, then you’ll see the error pop up along with more crash details (click Details button).As mentioned, this problem MAY be a video card driver problem for some.Apparently, there are some glitches with certain video cards Also, try starting your PC in safe mode , then open the Windows troubleshooting tool.

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