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Named after a now-defunct Nigerian law the 419 scam is a classic amongst online dating scams.

This is the one scam you are almost certain to come across if you do online dating for any length of time, sorry to say.

It provides a description of the victim and highlights how criminals groom victims prior to any financial requests.

The various stages that follow to keep the victim involved in the scam are highlighted.

The reasons for needing the money will sound plausible and reasonable. Do not be separated from your money - you'll never see it again, and you'll never see the person you sent it to.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you've been approached by a scammer: Bear in mind that any of these characteristics can apply to genuine online dating site members as well, so just because one or two of these tell-tale signs is present doesn't necessarily mean you're being scammed - but be on your guard.

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Be on the lookout for 419 scammers, conduct your correspondence through the online dating site itself, not via email or IM, learn the tell-tale signs, and above all: KEEP YOUR MONEY TO YOURSELF!Unfortunately the chances of your getting the money back are very slim indeed. Some unscrupulous online dating sites don't filter for scammers because they feel that the more messages going through the system, the better, no matter what the quality of the correspondence is.However, you should go to the Police and let them know. Sites like Midsummer's Eve do filter of course, but we can only filter about 95% of scammers using our automated and manual checking systems. Usually the scammers will conduct their business having lured you away from the site and onto regular email or instant messaging. In fact, they're someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with.A decent person with a good job or business in search of a good, honest partner to settle down with.

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