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A discussion with agency representatives about the unique strategies they are employing to assist children survivors of abuse. Josh serves as the Director of Special Initiatives and Community Education for the Fort Bend Women’s Center.He oversees multiple innovative programs targeted at improving outcomes for survivors of intimate partner violence.TCFV is pleased to host the One in the Movement Regional Advocate Trainings.These two-day workshop is designed to develop and enhance domestic violence advocacy skills.It will highlight innovative work at current domestic violence programs, including a demonstration of the Fort Bend County Women’s Center survivor specific economic stability website and offer advocate tips for credit building and microloan initiatives such as The Independence Project.Presenters: Mona Muro and Vesna Anic Enhanced Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors The Enhanced Safety Planning with Immigrant Survivors will provide advocates with information and best practices related to pressing immigration questions.

In participating in this webinar, advocates will be given time to reflect collectively over organizational and individual interventions to increase compassion satisfaction, resiliency, and advocate for organizational support.The science behind trauma’s impact on a child’s brain and behavior; 2.The long-term or short-term challenges that children may face as a result of being survivors of trauma or witnesses of abuse; 3.Cathy provides training in alignment with the Center’s integrated approach for supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence.She uses her survivor, family, community, provider and administrative perspectives to facilitate organizational change at local, state and national levels.

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