Older divorced men dating younger women

"He said I was so subject to flattery, anyone could buy me with a candy bar. And whenever I had a performance, he refused to support me by even being there." Then came feminism.

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"They were much more comfortable with their own sexuality," she says.

These are usually big turnoffs for any woman, young or old.– Treat your young partner in the same manner as you would have treated a woman of your age.

If you become conscious about the age disparity, the relationship will not work.– You can definitely buy gifts for the new woman in your life, but you should never overdo it.

It may be a trend on the upswing: Thanks to higher divorce rates and higher percentages of people who have never married, today 40 percent of the 97 million Americans 45 or older are single.

Research on dating habits of these 40-plus singles is sparse, but according to an AARP survey of 3,500 older singles, 34 percent of women in the 40-to-69 age group date younger men.

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