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Avoid, “I’m easy going” or “I don’t do much at the weekends” because to others, you sound a little nerdy and like you haven’t gotten any mates. Arrogance is bragging about yourself and trying to out do others.

What could be more romantic and emotionally satisfying than to establish a connection through the same taste in music? “I met my boyfriend at his first gig after I was invited along by a friend whose partner is also in the band”. “After the gig, I told him he played really well and that I would definitely come to see them again.Yet, on occasion striking a relationship up with a co-worker can create the perfect recipe for an office romance that really can be the cherry on top of the corporate cake.“ I started dating my co-worker who sat across from me in the office” says, Lendo93.I asked ten people how they met people offline and the results are super interesting…Dfilan says that meeting a partner through a friend is the best way to establish a date because you already have common ground with one another.

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