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I didn’t tell Sheila about the later experience, but it was obvious I was sexually inexperienced.We were married in a civil service and honeymooned in Hawaii for a month.I watched as my beautiful blond poured two glasses. Pleased to make you, I mean meet you.” I’d almost gotten a complete sentence out without making an ass out of myself. “Andy, that’s some line.” I laughed, still in the grip of her delicate hand.Her stiletto heals assaulted the dance floor as she walked over to where I was sitting and offered me one of the glasses. ” I snapped out of my trance, downed my drink and said. “Let me buy your dinner and I’ll promise to come up with something better.” I said. “Call my cell tomorrow and we’ll see.” Her card said she was the president of Cumberland Investments. I learned she had an MBA and had parlayed a six-figure income with one of the Wall Street firms into a brokerage company of her own.

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My first time was with a neighborhood girl when I was fourteen. We gyrated around with her on top and I ejaculated. My second experience was with a gay friend in college.This normal life was to change completely one afternoon about ten months after we married.I arrived home after work, threw my keys on a table in the foyer and walked into the den.It was a beautiful; richly appointed room with dark paneling, honey oak flooring and Turkish rugs. I recognized the woman next to her to be her former college roommate Jenny Renee Wilson. As I traveled home, my April fool supposition gave way to a feeling of impending doom.They were locked in a sixty-nine position, lapping away at each other’s pussies. After a few moments, Jenny looked up and said, “Get the fuck out of here.” Then she returned to work on Sheila cunt. I realized I was afraid to rile her and something deep inside me caved in. My hand rattled the front door knob as I entered the house. Her soft shoulders and ample 36C breasts fell gracefully to a 22” waist and 38” hips.

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