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- Roleplayers can use custom chat channels to coordinate RP events, or to separate IC and OOC chat.

- For larger events (Open World PVP or 40-man Dreadtooth Worldboss kills) where you have more players than you can invite to an ops group (24), you can still use a custom chat channel to coordinate the event and make sure that everyone is reading it.

You can join up to seven custom chat channels per character, and they can be accessed via /4, /5, /6, /7, /8, /9 and /0.

The game automatically remembers which channels you were in, so everytime you log in to that character, you will automatically join the channels, until you leave them with /cleave.

If you are in a custom chat channel, you will receive a notification every time someone joins or leaves the channel.

When a channel is password-protected, players can only join if they know the password.If you leave out the password, the channel will no longer be password-protected.Note that you have to have creator rights to use this command. password cleared." even though the command did nothing.Creates a new channel with the given name, or just joins it if the channel already exists. If you have created a channel, you will keep your creator rights even when you leave a channel (until the next server maintenance).If you leave out the password, the channel will not be password-protected. Once you join a custom channel, your character will stay in the custom channel, even after you log out. You can also use this command to leave the default channels (general, pvp, trade).

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