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But as soon as I took my first dance class, sports became secondary.

It took about a year before my dad really started to understand and accept my dancing.

You’re amazing.” To this day, I still haven’t come out to my extended family. I know they know, but I don’t want it to define their perception of me.

After college, I stayed in NYC to audition for roles in both commercial and concert dance.

If someone called me names like “gay” or “fairy,” I’d say, “Is it gay that I’m hanging out with lots of hot girls after school? I had my first girlfriend at 14—a dancer at my studio. It wasn’t until starting college at The Juilliard School that I really thought about what it meant to be gay or straight. I think I was one of two straight men in my class and one of five in the division.

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I realized how far I’d come when some friends from home visited me in NYC.

There was no big announcement—I just stopped hiding it.

When I talked about it with my mom, she just said, “I love you.

I’m glad they didn’t feel the need to conceal it or feel guilty about it.

Still, I found myself hanging out with actors rather than dancers at school.

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