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I knew Nick Adenhart as well as I did "the others," as so many newspapers reported their three deaths, which is to say we never met.

I only knew the three of them as kids, gone by no fault of their own, and was privately stewing about it.

There needs to be changes for how drunk driving should be handled because things like this are just not acceptable.

If a driver is caught driving drunk he/she should get their license taken away for five years with a minimum of two years in prison. If someone kills someone they should be sentenced to have their license taken away forever, and a minimum of 50 years to life in prison. For some people with a history of drunk driving they have a device that you have to breathe into to start your car.

The death of Nick Adenhart is something that should touch everyone that is a fan of baseball, a fan of sports in gerneral, it is so big that it should affect everyone.

He died because someone else had had too much to drink and no longer had control of his body or actions.On a crisp, cloudless morning, a tight-knit rural community and a contingent of major league baseball personnel from Southern California joined together at a quaint, red-brick church to honor a young man who bridged divergent worlds.Nicholas James "Nick" Adenhart, the 22-year-old Angels right-hander from western Maryland who was killed last week in a car accident, was buried Thursday after a private service attended by about 200 people.As the sounds of silence enveloped the clubhouse, Mike Matheny retrieved a watch from his locker.There is no right way to face sudden death, in life or in baseball.

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