New horizons dating agency

The agency was run by one Mike Lavender, a former car salesman who came to visit Janet at her home and spent an hour-and-a-half listening to her requirements.

"To be honest, he was a bit of a smoothie, a little smarmy really," says Janet.

Her story begins in January this year, with a New Year's resolution to join a dating agency and make a fresh start in her life.

It was a resolution she was soon to regret bitterly, but at the time her hopes were high.

In bringing this case, Janet has attracted ridicule and sympathy in equal measure.

While some feel she has every right to seek recompense in court, others conclude that anyone foolhardy enough to trust their romantic fortunes to a matchmaking agency deserves everything they get.

Then he asked me what car I drove and when I said it was a Ford, he tutted, shook his head and said that might not be what some of his gentlemen members were used to. I suppose he's made a lot of money from this business.Janet Forse looked mournfully into her glass of mineral water and wondered how soon she could politely make her excuses and leave.Across the table, Terry, her date, inhaled deeply on his seventh cigarette of the evening and changed the subject from his home - a caravan - to his career: lorry driving.So it was that she made the - with hindsight - disastrous decision to follow up an advert in her local Yellow Pages for the New Horizons agency which boasted a 'head office' in a village nearby."I now know, of course, that it was run by one man from home and that the head office was his spare room," says Janet ruefully.

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