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It irritated me that he sent all of these stupid GIFTS of roses, etc. I asked him if it was related to the static, and he couldn't/wouldn't explain. Well it hasn't been 12 hours yet and Phillipe wants to come and live with me. Signs: 1) Too many personal questions, very quickly2) No reciprocal information - they do not answer your questions3) Attempts at superficial, glib romantic attempts before they know anything about you as a person (personally, I thought this was a turn-off)4) Not forthcoming with details, no job knowledge5) Broken english Probably looking for cash; or a Green card. A cat or dog will love you unconditionally, and will NOT steal from you. Please I was doing My search to see what kind men they are and I saw them together on their friendslist on Facebook. His name is Morgan Smith, but when talking to my friend, he says to call him Marco.Even a great date, filled with all sorts of grand things can’t repair all the “little moments” of neglect throughout the month.In other words, I’m trying to give her a 10,000 point night, but it actually goes down in the “relationship books” as just 1 point.You want him to do X, but if you tell him to do X it ruins it because then he would be doing it because you told him to and not because his emotions/love for you told him to.Then you say: He should know to do it, I shouldn’t have to tell him.He was attractive (probably not even really him in picture) that's honestly why I said yes to the FB request. I can't understand how a person can tell so many lies and look at themselves in the mirror.

This is something that I hear all the time from women in their relationships.

Phillips had a wife due in a car crash in London hmmmm where have I heard that before. He will talk marriage and tell you how much he loves you. I said No way would I get involved then they have break downs on the rig.

Just wonder how long before they declare their love...... He is suppose to be in the gulf of mexico for 2 more weeks then he is retiring. Be careful lady's he uses several different men as him so be careful and don't get caught up in their scams or you may have serious problems If you have the app Called YOU TUBE on your computer, or i Pad you can hit the search button on top and type in scammers, and they have pictures, and many different videos, for dating sites and one on the words that are used by scammers, such as my Queen, my Baby, my dear, If they want money, they usually call you HONEY.

So here’s the solution: If you want to get more of the little things, you should reward him for the good behavior.

by Anonymous (USA) David Morgan- Good looking says he's a 57 yo. Then, he said, "It's right in the middle of the ocean, my dear." I asked him how deep, at what depth do they drill? After he asked me if I liked jewelry, what I ate for lunch and if I lived alone - (I didn't answer the last) and he refused to tell me what ocean he was in... They use agents to have money to their kids so they can be in boarding school but they are liars. This has all the markings of a scam, dead wife, 15-year-old daughter in boarding school. His Facebook profile has 3 pics, he is gray-haired with a gray beard in 2 pics and Jehovah's Witnesses world headquarters in the third.

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